The Moringa Breakthrough Print Book (Abridged)

A Handbook to the World’s Most Nutritious Leaf 

For those of you who like their books in print, we're offering our guide as an abridged paperback. It includes 60 pages of detailed information on the health benefits of Moringa oleifera, from ageing to cancer, cardiology, inflammation and more.

Moringa oleifera has been called ‘Miracle Tree’ – and for good reason: the leaves are ranked among the world’s top superfoods and all parts of the tree have medicinal value.

Used as a natural medicine for millennia, Moringa is gaining significant attention in the scientific community. In recent years, hundreds of clinical studies have been published demonstrating Moringa’s healing, disease preventative properties.

This revised and updated 2016 guide to Moringa brings you the latest, most reliable information on this nutritional powerhouse.

Anyone looking to boost their immunity, get more energy, look and feel younger, longer will find what they need to know about Moringa here.

For instant access to 20 delicious Moringa recipes and complete information on the nutrients in Moringa, choose our downloadable 140-page e-book, available at a click.

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