Sustainable SuperLeaf™

Moringa growing at Organics 4 Orphans site

Environmentally, Moringa is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. It is hardy, loves a hot climate, grows with little water and is naturally pest-resistant. Moringa leaves a small footprint ecologically - but a big impact on people and health.

That's because Moringa is the Single Source Superfood that delivers more nutrition than any other single plant.

In countries where food is scarce, Moringa is the crop that thrives, building immunity and preventing malnutrition.

We promote Moringa in some of the poorest areas of Africa through our Organics 4 Orphans™ work. There, we teach communities to cultivate and use Moringa, and we support our ambitious gardeners in growing produce for sale in local markets, creating opportunity and economic growth.

Moringa Growing Organics 4 Orphans

Moringa is ideal for small-scale farmers around the world. Anyone can grow Moringa on marginal land, without fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. And because Moringa trees grow fast, farmers can earn money quickly.

But there's a big difference between growing Moringa to be sold fresh in local markets and producing Moringa powder to be shipped overseas.

Without the right processes and standards, Moringa powder can be tainted with contaminants and the precious nutrients can be squandered en route from field to consumer.

So how can you be sure your Moringa is grown and prepared properly? We discovered that the only way to be certain is through site inspections and third-party verification.

Read about our journey to find the highest-quality, purest Moringa for SuperLeaf™ Moringa