Organics 4 Orphans™

SuperLeaf™ Moringa donates profits to Organics 4 Orphans™ (O4O), the not-for-profit organization we founded 10 years ago to help the world’s poorest communities grow health organically.

Our purpose-driven natural health company has donated over $1.5 million to date.

It all started in 2004, when CEO Linda Bolton and her husband, Dale, traveled to Malawi, Africa. There they discovered the enormity of the orphan crisis; tens of millions of orphans across Africa left vulnerable by AIDS.

Dale and Linda agreed: they would work together to grow their natural health company, and the profits would go to orphans in Africa.

Why Organics?

Orphanages alone won't solve the problem in Africa. Even orphans with a home are often malnourished, unable to thrive and meet their full potential. That's because orphanages and adoptive families typically don’t have the resources to provide enough food – let alone enough nutritious food. The children subsist on simple, inexpensive starches, low in vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats.

To solve this problem, the Boltons founded O4O.

Today O4O trains and equips orphanages and poor communities to grow their own organic, nutrient-dense food and natural medicine.

The method is organic because we know that organic produce is more nutritious, preserves the environment, and organic growing is affordable for poor communities. O4O teaches people to grow nutritious food without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other expensive - and damaging - industrial inputs.

At the cost of about $10 a year per person, O4O can transform an orphanage or a struggling community. Before the gardens, hunger and illness is the norm, but when things get growing, whole communities become strong and resilient.

As a company we donate all profits after business expenses to O4O. It’s the commitment we made from the start.

By supporting SuperLeaf Moringa, you are not only making the right choice for your health, you’re becoming a partner in our global movement for change.

Discovering The World's Most Nutritious Leaf

It was through Dale and Linda’s work in Africa that we discovered Moringa oleifera.
In Kenya, the Boltons found that among the poor and malnourished, those who used Moringa regularly:

  • were more resilient and energized;
  • had better immunity against disease;
  • and even those with HIV saw their CD4 counts increase - a marker of improved immunity.

The results are amazing, but not surprising. For centuries, this ‘miracle tree’ has been revered as a Superfood and natural medicine, and in ancient Ayurvedic medicine Moringa is prescribed as a solution for over 300 conditions.

Today, O4O teaches people to grow Moringa and use it daily as food and medicine: fresh and dried, as a tea, in smoothies, soups and porridge.

We’re thrilled that The World’s Most Nutritious Leaf is making a difference in lives overseas and here, in Canada.

Be a part of the solution by choosing SuperLeaf™ Moringa. When you do, you'll help us plant 10,000 Moringa trees in Africa in 2017.