Everything You Need To Know About Moringa In A Digital Download

by Anna O'Byrne April 06, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Moringa In A Digital Download

Exciting news! Our book, The More of Moringa, is now available on the Kindle store, here.

Had we written it today, the research would have been much easier. Just this month a comprehensive review of Moringa was published in the academic journal, Phytotherapy Research

The review is a meta-analysis. That is, it looks at all existing published research on moringa to assess the big picture, and report on the overall findings.

In this case, the researchers were looking at safety and efficacy. How much Moringa leaf powder or extract can we take without adverse effects? How significant are the health benefits?

We’re giving ourselves a little pat on the back, because the meta-analysis lines up very nicely with what we discovered in our book research. In fact, we’re very familiar with the source studies, because we used many of the same.

What Phytotherapy Research concludes is this: moringa is “exceedingly” safe, and though more research is needed to fully understand Moringa’s power, we know from human and animal studies that Moringa:

  • lowers and stabilizes blood sugar, preventing and improving symptoms of diabetes;
  • reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol;
  • is antioxidant;
  • protects the tissues of the liver, kidneys, heart and eyes;
  • supports good immunity;
  • protects against radiation;
  • reduces blood pressure;
  • improves cardiac function;
  • and is neuroprotective.

Whew, long list! That feeling of “where do we start?”, and “this is so huge” prevailed during our research months. All along we felt that if only Canadians knew what Ayurvedic medicine has long maintained, there would be a run on Moringa that no supplier could meet.

After all, Moringa treats and prevents heart disease, diabetes and cancer - our biggest threats. Moringa also promises relief from chronic illness and pain associated with inflammation - another widespread issue for Canadians, given our pro-inflammatory diets.

So, please help us get the word out there. Share this blog post, or better yet, direct people to our book on Kindle.

What kind of a read is it?

Though we scoured the academic literature, we wrote with the general public in mind: we’ve taken the dense, difficult science and translated it into key points for everyday health.

We give you the straight goods on what’s in Moringa leaf powder. You’ll learn which of the nutrients are most significant - from your run-of-the-mill vitamins and minerals, to rare and powerful phytochemicals.

We also set out the health benefits of Moringa in handy, alphabetical order, from allergies to ulcers.

Plus, we’ve included an incredible set of recipes for using SuperLeaf Moringa every day. Sure, you can stir it into water, but it’s also fun to sneak Moringa into smoothies, soups, dips, sauces and desserts. Mastering the use of Moringa in the kitchen can turn you into a nutrition-ninja. Kids on an anti-veg streak? Spike their pasta sauce with Moringa. No one need ever know.

If you do read the book, we’d ask that you share a review on Amazon. Reviews help others discover the book and make an informed choice.

Thank you in advance! 


Phytotherapy Research, Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Moringa oleifera, by Sidney J. Stohs* and Michael J. Hartman. Article first published online: 24 MAR 2015. Accessed at Wiley at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ptr.5325/full

Anna O'Byrne
Anna O'Byrne


Anna O'Byrne is co-author of The Moringa Breakthrough, and part of the team behind SuperLeaf™ Moringa. She manages the social media, writes web content and runs digital marketing for SuperLeaf™ Moringa and Natural Calm Canada.

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