Introducing SuperLeaf™ Moringa

by Anna O'Byrne January 06, 2014

Introducing SuperLeaf™ Moringa

Have you heard about Moringa?

It's one of the hottest up-and-coming Superfoods, and for good reason. 

We all want maximum nutrition to look and feel our best. But with our busy, hectic lifestyles, it's not easy to prepare fresh Superfoods every day and when it comes to supplements, there are just so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming. Where to start?

Introducing SuperLeaf Moringa: the World’s Most Nutritious Leaf and your Single Source Superfood.

  • Also known as the Tree of Life and Miracle Tree, Moringa is the most complete, nutrient-dense plant on Earth.
  • It’s supported by science with hundreds of clinical studies
  • It’s clinically proven to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, preserve skin, fight fatigue, improve digestive health and more
  • The leaves have been consumed for hundreds of years as a Superfood and natural medicine.

SuperLeafMoringa is like a super multivitamin in a leaf.

It has:

  • more than 92 nutrients
  • 46 types of antioxidants, and 50% more antioxidants that acai berries* with 15,760 umoles ORAC rating in 10 grams
  • 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids (incredibly rare in a plant food)
  • 14 x the iron of spinach
  • 4 x the vitamin A of carrots
  • 14 x the calcium of milk
  • 3 x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass
  • 4 x the vitamin E of almonds
  • 10 grams has over 100% of your daily requirement for vitamin B2, essential for energy 

But not all Moringa is grown or packaged equally. There are widely varying levels of quality depending on suppliers. That's why we searched the globe and secured Canada-wide distribution rights with the Moringa grower whose farm is revered internationally.

What's the difference? SuperLeafMoringa

  • Is grown in nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil in Nicaragua
  • Packaged on-site within a few hours of harvesting in a state of the art facility to preserve freshness and nutrients
  • Free of traces of heavy metals or pollutants, no binding agents, fillers, chemicals, artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Non-oxidized, never irradiated raw powder
  • Non-GMO, 100% Organic Moringa oleifera

So start your day with a SuperLeafMoringa smoothie or make a warm cup of Moringa tea. Enjoy SuperLeafMoringa throughout the day, whenever you need a nutrient boost.

SuperLeafMoringa donates profits to Organics 4 Orphans(O4O), the not-for-profit organization with a 10-year track-record helping the world’s poorest communities grow health organically. Our purpose-driven natural health company has donated over $1.5 million to O4O, thanks to our success in Canada.

Find out what the buzz is all about! Try SuperLeafMoringa today.  SHOP NOW >

Anna O'Byrne
Anna O'Byrne


Anna O'Byrne is co-author of The Moringa Breakthrough, and part of the team behind SuperLeaf™ Moringa. She manages the social media, writes web content and runs digital marketing for SuperLeaf™ Moringa and Natural Calm Canada.

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