6 Studies in 2 Years Show Moringa's Promise for Cancer

by Anna O'Byrne January 19, 2017

6 Studies in 2 Years Show Moringa's Promise for Cancer

In the two years after we first published our book, over 160 studies of Moringa were published and are available in PubMed. This is an astonishing number, considering how few people know about Moringa's health benefits.

There has always been a great deal of interest in Moringa for cancer. Moringa oleifera has extremely high antioxidant levels, and these fight the free radicals that cause cell mutation.

It also appears that Moringa mitigates some of the negative health effects of chemotherapy. So, while it may not be an alternative to chemo, Moringa is a complementary therapy.

In preparing our updated 2016 version of the book, we took a look at six studies of Moringa for cancer, including but not limited to: liver, breast, colorectal, lung and oesophageal cancers.

Here, we share the results.

Liver Cancer

In a 2015 study, the anticancer activity of Moringa leaf extract was investigated in human hepatocellular carcinoma.1 The results demonstrated that Moringa oleifera induced apoptosis (death) of the cancerous cells and concluded that the extract could be used as a potential oral therapeutic for the treatment of liver cancer.1

Breast and Colorectal Cancer

The leaves, bark and seed extracts of Moringa oleifera were investigated in breast (MDA-MB-231) and colorectal cancer lines (HCT-8).2 When tested against MDA-MB-231 and HCT-8 cancer cell lines, the extracts of Moringa leaves and bark showed remarkable anticancer properties while surprisingly, seed extracts exhibited hardly any such properties.2 Cell survival was significantly low in both cells lines when treated with leaves and bark extracts.2

Lung and Esophagus Cancer

In 2016, an article published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemisty investigated an innovative use for Moringa extract in combination with gold nanoparticles.3 The study found that Moringa leaf extract promoted aptosis (again, cell death) of esophagus and lung cancer cells, and was completely non-toxic.3

Another study investigated the antiproliferative effect of Moringa leaf extract on esophagus cancer cells.4 ‘Antiproliferative’ substances help treat cancer by halting the multiplication of cancer cells. The study concluded that the leaf extract is, indeed, antiproliferative and that it works by increasing lipid peroxidation, DNA fragmentation, and induction of apoptosis.4

Moringa as a Chemoprotective Agent

Research in this space has expanded even further to the potential chemoprotective attributes of Moringa oleifera.

 A 2016 study examined the chemoprotective effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on testicular toxicity as a result of chemotherapy.5 When Moringa extract was administered prior to chemotherapy, the researchers reported potential improvements in male gonadal function following chemotherapy.5

Cyclophosphamide (CP), widely used in the treatment of solid tumors, is known to cause urinary bladder damage as a result of oxidative damage.6 A 2015 study in the journal, Tissue and Cell, aimed to test the possible antioxidant protective effects of Moringa leaves against CP induced urinary bladder toxicity in rats.6 The authors reported “we can say that Moringa leaves play an important role in ameliorating and protecting the bladder from CP toxicity.”6

Learn More About Moringa's Health Benefits

In our revised and updated 2016 book, The Moringa Breakthrough, you can read about Moringa for cancer and for prevention and treatment of other health concerns, from aging to inflammation, heart disease and more. Get it instantly as an e-book or order the abridged version as a print paperback


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Anna O'Byrne
Anna O'Byrne


Anna O'Byrne is co-author of The Moringa Breakthrough, and part of the team behind SuperLeaf™ Moringa. She manages the social media, writes web content and runs digital marketing for SuperLeaf™ Moringa and Natural Calm Canada.

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